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2010-04-29 03:01:37 by AyseCream

not much, not much.



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2010-04-29 03:03:21

That hair does look a little much

AyseCream responds:

no man,that's Andy Warhol.
He's the man
Including the hair


2010-05-25 14:40:40

i saw ur comment in my post... n i want to say ''thanks''...

i was looking ur illustrations... n i recomended them to the art portal... so now u will see ur art in the art portal...

n... i want to ask u something... how do u find my page??

nice photo... 3 cheers 4 andy!... the great not normal poeple that make me so happy everyday :B


2010-06-05 15:49:18


AyseCream responds:

thanks! ='D


2010-06-10 16:14:03

hello again! ... recently I read the terms and conditions of the robot day art contest thread and wanted to participate ... and would like to know if you would enter too, because I like to see more of your drawings ... I tell you to let you know about this ...
now I'll get to draw ... and when I finish I will try to upload it to art portal ...
remember to read the rules ( 171108) and please participate ^3^